Here is my latest musical creation. Please click on the ‘Start Tour’ button to see all of the details. I spent four months designing and building this ALL-IN-ONE musical monster. If you have any comments, please let me know. CLICK HERE.

Here is a quick vid of the DSC in action at the NYC Lenovo event. Great to see people giving it a go! I was not able to make it, but it looks like they had a lot of fun.
DJing is Richard LaBennett, who is the WW ThinkPad Product Manager at Lenovo. He DJs on the side!


Here is the MD-5 on display at the CES 2011 show. Lenovo was located at the Aquaknox restaurant in the
Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Once I released the MD-5 concept, I was overwhelmed by the
response I received from people in the disabled community. I decided to help some of these people who
contacted me. Lenovo was generous to donate two A700 All-In-One computer systems to us and we are
donating two custom MD-5 arms to help a couple of disabled people this holiday season. Here is Stevie
receiving his. He is 12 and has cerebral palsy. He has brightened the season for us and I hope this inspires

I urge other computer modders to help the disabled make a frustrating computer experience an
enjoyable one. Most computers are not designed with the disabled in mind. Sometimes all it takes is a few
modifications and you can make someone’s computer experience much more enjoyable.
Thank you Lenovo for helping these great individuals.