Full Color Airbrush Paintings

65' Nova0008
65' Nova Cool Nova on a Hot shirt. Metallic paint was used to add extra 'POP' to this shirt.
Airbrushed Good Charlotte Shirt0061
Airbrushed Good Charlotte Shirt Airbrushed Good Charlotte on a cool shirt. Great gift for birthday or Christmas.
American Bald Eagle0006
American Bald Eagle Bald eagle for a patriotic gal who was driven to have this painted on a t shirt. Animals are a great gift.
Awesome Transformers "MegaTron"1234
Awesome Transformers "MegaTron"
Baby who's not little anymore45636457
Baby who's not little anymore What a great way to remind your elders of who they used to be.
Bogey What would WyzeGuyz be without Bogey? Black and whites are a great nostalgic look.
Chevy Truck456784
Chevy Truck
Custom airbrushed cat on denim jacket0081
Custom airbrushed cat on denim jacket Custom airbrused jacket to match the tank on her bike.
Custom airbrushed Huey's to Harleys Jacket0012
Custom airbrushed Huey's to Harleys Jacket Hand painted and airbrush on a leather jacket. This is great gift for the hard to shop for person.
Custom airbrushed Navy seals tribute0077
Custom airbrushed Navy seals tribute This was a custom job for a cool customer. He will wear this shirt with pride as we painted it with pride.
Custom Airbrushed Pork Soda Piggie0073
Custom Airbrushed Pork Soda Piggie You can't go to the primus show with clothes that blow. Sprayed me a custom shirt for the show.
Custom airbrushed portrait on denim0080
Custom airbrushed portrait on denim This birthday present was a cool one. Bring us a photo and make a life long keepsake.
Custom airbrushed Purple Chevelle0076
Custom airbrushed Purple Chevelle Custom painted on denim. This purple chevelle turned out large and in charge.
Custom Airbrushed VTX Vest and matching shirt0063
Custom Airbrushed VTX Vest and matching shirt Where do you find cool VTX swag. Only here of course. Tell us what colors you want it and then go ride with it.
Custom eagle on denim.64563543
Custom eagle on denim. Why wait for Sturgis? Get your custom biker gear now.
Custom Hudson Car0005
Custom Hudson Car A customer brought in a great picture of an old hudson that had to painted on a sweatshirt for a birthday gift.
Custom Painted American Flag Eagle Jacket0013
Custom Painted American Flag Eagle Jacket Airbrushed Patriotism.
Custom Painted Red leather Jacket0010
Custom Painted Red leather Jacket This red leather jacket combines hand paint and airbrush to give a one of a kind look.
Customed Airbrushed F-14 Tomcat on Leather Jacket00001
Customed Airbrushed F-14 Tomcat on Leather Jacket Navy plane for a Navy guy on a leather jacket. Our paint will not chip, flake, or smear off.
Dave Williams Portrait00003
Dave Williams Portrait After Dave Williams of Drowning Pool died, we recieved a couple of requests for a few portraits on a couple of hoodies.
Denim Jacket0009
Denim Jacket Denim jackets take a little more time, but last the longest.
Don't be stupid.7658465
Don't be stupid.
Finding Nemo Rendition766651
Finding Nemo Rendition
Floyd Couple Shirts43103
Floyd Couple Shirts A couple of floyd freaks wear these to achieve multiple album covers combined
Gandalf The White8776723
Gandalf The White
Grace Kelly0017
Grace Kelly Grace Kelly with color highlights. This sold really quickly.
Great family heirloom.6456454333
Great family heirloom. Permanent leather jacket portrait is a family treasure handed down from generation to generation.
Hey Moe!!!!54678654536
Hey Moe!!!!
His new favorite shirt0079
His new favorite shirt This has custom written all over it. Give me a list of items to add to a shirt and presto.
James Dean8970545453
James Dean
Jimi Hendrix0016
Jimi Hendrix Jimi in the classic pose on a unusual shirt.
Lord Of The Rings "Aragorn"87872
Lord Of The Rings "Aragorn"
Lord Of The Rings "Gollum"8992
Lord Of The Rings "Gollum"
More Stooge!6754356
More Stooge!
Older Rick Springfield86787857567
Older Rick Springfield Remember the 80's? I know he does.
Patrick Roy Profile779823
Patrick Roy Profile
Pin up for a new pilot675675675654
Pin up for a new pilot Got his wings and a cool custom leather bomber.
Rodney Dangerfield765789
Rodney Dangerfield
Sam Elliot0011
Sam Elliot Sam Elliot painted on a sweatshirt for a special lady on mothers day.
Scooby Doo0015
Scooby Doo Scooby Doo for a 7 year old birthday present.
The Incredible Hulk541902
The Incredible Hulk
Turn old leather into hot metal0070
Turn old leather into hot metal Customer needed to spice up his old leather. So we turned old leather into hot metal.